Encore Pro Hunter - The Perfect Gun For All Seasons
G2 Contender - The Legacy Continues
TC Venture - The Most Accurate Rifle For the Buck
Thompson Center - America's Master Gunmaker

Bolt Action Rifles

There are many models of bolt-action rifles available on the market today. But the true test of what a rifle should be is not just the price. Instead, the quality and features vs. the price, this is where T/C® delivers.
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Thompson/Center Arms offers various styles of in-line muzzleloaders. All with the finest quality materials and workmanship, designed for today’s demanding hunter and shooter.
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Encore® Pro Hunter™ System

The finest interchangeable firearms system available. With the simple removal of two forend screws and the barrel hinge pin, you can create a "new" gun by replacing the barrel with one of a different caliber. Muzzleloader, centerfire cartridge, or shotgun... the Encore® Pro Hunter™ System is truly the gun for all seasons.
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An extensive array of black powder accessories are available for purchase to compliment T/C's product line. Our entire product line is built with one thing in mind — quality.
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