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Chiappa Firearms 500189 M6 Folding Shotgun/Rifle Break Open 22LR 20 Ga Black
Product ID259278 ∴
ManufacturerChiappa Firearms USA
DescriptionChiappa Firearms 500189 M6 Folding Shotgun/Rifle Break Open 22LR 20 Ga Black

The Chiappa M6 folding survival gun is perfect for outdoorsman, ranchers,
pilots or anyone who needs a portable, rugged and reliable rifle/shotgun
combination. This model has interchangeable choke tubes for maximum
versatility. Its barrels can be fired quickly and selectively, each having
its own trigger. The M1 carbine style rear sight and fiber optic front
sight make aiming either barrel quick and accurate, even in low light. Its
receiver mounted Picatinny rails on the top and sides allow for mounting
optics, lights, lasers or other accessories. The durable yet lightweight
skeletonized metal buttstock surrounds a polypropylene closed cell foam
insert specifically molded for the Chiappa M6. This foam insert is designed
to hold three 12 gauge shells and five .22 rimfire cartridges so ammo is
always available and ready. Included is a cleaning kit that stores neatly
in the stock. The M6 easily breaks open and folds in half by pushing down
on the trigger guard, making transport and storage easy for any situation.

Mfg Item Num: 500189
Category: COMBO
Action :Break Open
Caliber :22 Long Rifle
Gauge :20 Gauge
Capacity :1
Barrel Lengths :18.5"
OAL :34.6"
Weight :6 lbs
Drop :
Stock Material :Steel/Polypropylene
Metal Finish :Black
Barrel Type :Rem Choke Threaded/Fully Rifled
DepartmentRifles › Combos
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